Blue Skies 22 Klicks Project


Blue Skies For The Good Guys And Gals Warrior Foundation is hosting a select group of Blue Skies Alumni, US and UK Veterans, to hike the Scottish West Highland Way, August of 2020. The hike is in excess of 22 Klicks a day for 5 days. The term Klick is a military term referring to a Kilometer, 22 Klicks emphasizes the estimated 22 daily average of veteran related suicides.

Our goal is to Raise $22,000 by Veterans Day 2020. Your contribution will make an impact, so please consider donating $22 or more. Every little bit helps.

Warriors on Scotland 22 Klicks – August 2020: Michael Logan, Alec Ross, Dan Guerin, Nick Seiwert, Tim O’Sullivan, Drew Kennedy, David Hart.

Veteran and Active Military are taking their lives at an alarming rate, some statistics indicate roughly 22 veteran suicides a day, any is to many. The 22 Klicks project is to increase awareness and fund warriors to attend Team Fastrax Warrior Weekend to Remember.

Any funds raised will go to support the mission of the Blue Skies for the Good Guys Gals Warrior Foundation, providing bonding, healing and life enriching experiences for combat injured warriors and fallen hero families.

Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation’s mission is to honor our nation’s veterans, wounded warriors and the families of fallen heroes by providing enriching, life changing experiences that facilitate new friendships and emotional healing.